Our Vision

At Woodcote High School, we work collaboratively with The Collegiate Trust schools to deliver the shared vision of an ‘exceptional education for all.’ We passionately believe that ‘Learning Changes Lives’ and are determined that through our school values of excellence, responsibility and aspiration, all pupils will develop to their full potential during their time at Woodcote High School.

Woodcote High School pupils will leave the school well-prepared for the next stage in their education, and equipped with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and resilience to ensure they can contribute positively to society, and have access to further life-long learning opportunities. We will foster understanding, tolerance and mutual respect whilst producing confident, capable and respectful young people.

The Woodcote High School ASPIRE programme is part of our drive to improve standards and student achievement.  Ultimately we believe it will improve the experience that all members of the Woodcote community have during their time here

Our ASPIRE programme helps us achieve greatness every day in our own learning and personal development.

Woodcote High School is part of The Collegiate Trust (TCT). The Trust works in the boroughs of Croydon and Crawley, educating children and young people from 3-19 years of age with a clear vision to deliver exceptional education for all. Such an education achieves excellent outcomes in pupil progress and attainment, a rich creative, cultural and physical learning experience, and great personal and social development for all pupils.