A huge well done and congratulations to our Jack Petchey winners for the Autumn Term.

Jay, Year 7 – Jay is an outstanding representative for Woodcote High School. Since starting in September, he hasn’t received a single negative behaviour point. Jay continues to embody the school values and members of staff speak extremely highly of him in and around the corridors.

Tom, Year 9 – Tom is an all-round outstanding person in every aspect of school life, and a very happy, helpful, and welcoming person. This has been proven by his touring skills and obtaining outstanding and amazing feedback from the parents. Tom is very reliable and trustworthy at getting things done. He has also participated in many extra-curricular activities where he came 2nd in a Steam Competition, 3rd in a Photo Competition, won a Gold Medal on Sports Day, and has excelled in his Year 8 Passport.

Raphael, Year 12 – Raphael is engaged in different aspects of the wider school life. He is a natural leader and valued member of the debate team.

The purpose of this scheme is to enable young people to raise their aspirations, believe in themselves and contribute to their society. Achievement Awards are designed to recognise a wide range of achievements. It is not just about being clever, or gifted, but about putting the effort in and doing their best. The success of the award scheme arises from empowering young people to nominate their peers and select the Achievement Award winner.

Congratulations to all our winners!