The Year 13 cohort’s achievements are a source of pride for the staff at Woodcote High School. Throughout their journey in Woodcote Sixth Form, these students have displayed extraordinary dedication, diligence, and a strong work ethic. Their commitment to their studies has been unwavering, and they’ve demonstrated exceptional resilience and determination in overcoming the unique challenges they’ve faced over the past few years. Their remarkable results stand as a testament to this unwavering dedication.

While the results are certainly gratifying in and of themselves, their significance transcends mere numbers. These outcomes open doors for these young individuals, allowing them to embark on their chosen educational paths in the next phase of their journey. Once again, our students have gained access to a diverse range of courses, with a substantial number securing coveted spots at prestigious universities such as Imperial College, Kings College London, and Loughborough University, among others.

While each student’s achievements tell a distinct story of their journey, we are thrilled to highlight the outstanding accomplishments of the following individuals:

  • Leah – A*AB
  • Leighton – A*ABB
  • Lauren – B D*D
  • Rishi – A*AB
  • Nicolas – A*BB
  • Heidia – ABB
  • Yusuf – A*AA
  •  Sam – ABB
  • Davine – D*D*D
  • Noah – A*AA
  •  Kezia – ABB
  • Benjamin – A*A*B
  • Jessica – ABB

Results Day holds a significance that goes beyond the acquisition of university placements. For many students, it symbolizes the culmination of a rigorous seven-year academic journey at Woodcote High School, marking a pivotal moment as they embark on their post-18 pathways. For some, it signifies the start of a new adventure, whether that entails a gap year filled with global exploration or utilizing these results as a foundation for entering the workforce.

At Woodcote Sixth Form, we take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt congratulations to all our exceptional students for their accomplishments. We extend our gratitude to their parents for their substantial role in fostering this success, and we express our appreciation to the dedicated teaching and support staff of the school, who have invested years of diligent effort into nurturing these students.

We eagerly await the GCSE results on Thursday, August 24th, and look forward to the enrolment of our new cohort of students into Woodcote Sixth Form.