Parent, Teacher and Friends Association

About Us

We are a registered charity, consisting of parents, guardians, teachers and friends of Woodcote High School.  Our primary aims are to raise funds for the school and thereby further the academic potential and enrichment of all our students.  Over the years we have funded projects as diverse as new school minibuses, lighting equipment for the main hall, toilet upgrades and a new music technology suite.  We meet as a committee, once a month in term times and occasionally in the holidays if we have a lot of events on.  Meetings are usually virtual so that those juggling parent taxi services and commuting home from work are more able to join.

We run a number of events each year (when pandemics don’t get in the way) from fairs and colour runs, to chocolate bingos, student discos and quiz nights – all with a focus on having fun and raising funds at the same time.  We also support the school by providing refreshments at a number of their excellent events including the school production, music concerts and the dance showcase.  These are great events whether or not your own families are involved and we encourage you to come and support.

For those who find it hard to commit time during working hours, we’d be delighted if you could support us in other ways.

We run a theatre club, getting cut price tickets to West End shows.  If you’d like to hear about our latest show dates, you can message us at,

You can also send a little money our way via Amazon Smile or the Giving Machine. Both are charitable set ups that allow us to receive donations every time you shop at Amazon, or one of the hundreds of businesses associated with the Giving Machine.

For GDPR reasons, we won’t have your contact details unless you actively give them to us.  You can join our email mailing list by emailing or you’re welcome to pass on your contact details to us at any of the events we support and organise at the school.  Joining the mailing list does not commit you to joining every event (although, we will ask for volunteers) but it does give you another forum for keeping up to date with events at the school and gives you an opportunity to ask questions of other parents, whose family may have been at the school longer.  You can also follow us on the following platforms:

Second hand uniform

Like most parents’ associations we do have a small stock of second hand uniform.  If you would like to donate any old uniform or buy any, please contact us via any of the means listed above with details of the item and size you’re looking for and we’ll let you know if we have anything in stock.