School News

A-Level Results Day 2023

The Year 13 cohort’s achievements are a source of pride for the staff at Woodcote High School. Throughout their journey in Woodcote Sixth Form, these students have displayed extraordinary dedication, diligence, and a strong work ethic. Their commitment to their studies has been unwavering, and they’ve demonstrated exceptional resilience and determination in overcoming the unique challenges they’ve faced over the […]

WHS Aspire

Throughout 2017, we worked with all key stakeholders to modernise our values and mission statement. In September, we launched the updated values and ‘The Woodcote Way’, which symbolise what we strive for.

In September 2017 students received a pin badge that reminds them of the qualities and behaviours they should aspire to develop. The WHS ASPIRE programme includes assemblies and workshops […]

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