Music Lessons

Individual Music Lessons at Woodcote are a popular option for students to develop their musicality.

The Music Department offers instrumental lessons on a variety of instruments.

Instrumental lessons are delivered by our peripatetic teachers, some of whom are provided by Croydon Music and Arts (CMA). Lessons are available in the following instruments and all will take place during the school day at Woodcote High School:

– Clarinet (CMA)
– Drums
– Flute (CMA)
– Guitar
– Piano
– Saxophone (CMA)
– Vocals
– Violin (CMA)

Lessons are available in 20 minute or 30 minute options at a cost of £145 for 20 minute lessons and £205 for 30 minute lessons. Students will receive 10 lessons per term.

Croydon Music and Arts follow a different pricing policy that can be found at the following link: Please complete the form below for lessons with CMA in addition to applying via their website.

Please complete this form to register your interest for your child to take instrumental lessons at Woodcote High School: