Access arrangements


To ensure all pupils, whatever their degree of difficulty, achieve their best possible results in public examinations the SENDCo collects information from teachers and carries out assessments. Following these all […]

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Transition to work / college


Woodcote works closely with employers and colleges to ensure that all relevant information, subject to consent, is shared to ensure a smooth transition from Woodcote. We provide careers interviews […]

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Training for staff


Staff receive regular training on aspects of SEND by means of INSET days and twilight INSET. Additionally the SENDCo holds regular meetings with representatives of each subject in which […]

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Specialist services


A range of specialist services is used by the school to address the problems faced by pupils with SEND. School staff, particularly those in the Enhanced Learning Provision, work […]

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Accessibility of school


The entire school is accessible to students with mobility issues. Where necessary adaptive equipment and furniture is available to enable participation by all students. There are staff trained in […]

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Inclusion in trips and activities


Woodcote will make all reasonable adjustments to enable all pupils to participate in additional trips and activities unless there are serious health and safety issues.

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Support for parents and carers


Woodcote aims to give additional support to parents/carers in terms of bringing in outside agencies such as speech and language therapists, educational psychologists, the school counsellor and the Child […]

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Curriculum adjustments


The ethos of the school is one of inclusivity and so all pupils are expected to participate in mainstream classes alongside their peers. The content of lessons will be […]

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How will I know how my child is doing?


As well as the annual parents evenings parents/carers can arrange to see the SENDCo for additional meetings if they require one. Those pupils with EHCPs have annual reviews which […]

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