A wide range of support is available to support pupils with SEND. The range of support is constantly monitored in terms of effectiveness and appropriateness to meet the needs of pupils but at present these are the primary means of support:-

  • in class support via the participation of a teaching assistant. At Woodcote we are not believers in one to one support for pupils with EHCP, to the exclusion of any possibility of aiding other pupils in the same group, and so our teaching assistants, although assigned to support an EHCP pupil will actually not spend the whole time with that student. Instead they will ‘work the room’ and support other high needs pupils and any pupil who needs help
  • small group literacy and numeracy classes delivered by specialist teachers and/or TAs with significant experience under the teachers’ guidance.
  • Social skills groups run by Speech and Language Therapists and/or TAs under their guidance following initial SALT assessment by Woodcote’s SALT provider.
  • Social and emotional support as required for pupils with social/emotional difficulties who are struggling in their lesson (for as long as it is appropriate judged on an individual basis)
  • Access to the SEN area before school, break and lunchtime for pupils who are uncomfortable in the normal playground areas.