Dress Code

Our Sixth Form Dress Code

The general rule for dress at Woodcote Sixth Form is smart casual.  In the Sixth Form, we expect students to dress in an appropriate manner, ready for the working day – this is their place of work. This includes students having the appropriate equipment for all lessons.

  • ID BADGES MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES – this means the lanyard should be clearly visible around the neck
  • No ripped jeans
  • No unsuitable slogan T-shirts
  • No extreme hair styles/colours
  • No football shirts
  • No outrageous jewellery (jewellery is worn at the pupil’s own responsibility/risk – only one ring or one bracelet is allowed and only a maximum of three pieces of jewellery are allowed.) Only three piercings are allowed. These must be suitable for a school sixth form.
  • Hats (apart from religious headwear) must be taken off during lessons and in the school building
  • Smart trainers/shoes only (reasonable heels)
  • No flip flops or sliders
  • No revealing tops, strappy tops  or tops that reveal midriffs or short skirts/shorts (skirts or dresses must fall just above the knee of longer)
  • Outdoor coats must not be worn in lessons
  • Students must not walk around the school with headphones or phones out

The School reserves the right to make the final judgement about the appropriateness of a student’s dress or appearance, in relation to the standards we expect at Woodcote Sixth Form. Any student who is not suitably dressed will be asked to go home and change and could face further sanction.