Assessment at Key Stage 3

Pupils in years 7 – 9 are assessed using the measure of a flightpath that is specific to their target as set by the Fisher Family Trust. Based on this target pupils are put on either a pink/green/blue flightpath. Their progress along this flightpath is indicated as either ‘not meeting’/’working towards’/’meeting’/’exceeding’.

What is meant by the flightpath?

Using KS2 prior data and Cognitive Ability Test scores (CAT4 assessments), students will be assigned Minimum Expected Grades (MEG) for the end of Key Stage 4 by the Fischer Family Trust. Roughly speaking, FFT takes the Key Stage 2 results/CAT4 scores of a student and tells us what pupils with those results, from similar backgrounds and at similar schools have achieved in their GCSEs, which form the MEGs.

  • Students with MEGs of 2 to 4 will be assigned the Pink Flightpath.
  • Students with MEGs of 4+ to 6+ will be assigned the Green Flightpath.
  • Students with MEGs of 7- to 9 will be assigned the Blue Pathway.

Can my child’s flightpath be changed for any of their subjects?

If, throughout the year, a pupil on the pink or green flightpath is consistently “Exceeding”, a move up to the next pathway will be considered to ensure an aspirational target.

What do the progress indicators mean?

  • Not meeting: Progress significantly below expected levels. Students are just beginning to grasp some of the ideas, content and skills.
  • Working Towards: Students have begun to grasp the concept or show some competency with skill, but it is not secure i.e. the skill is not consistently applied, or the students demonstrate some misunderstanding still.
  • Meeting: The students understanding of the skills is secure i.e. they make few or no mistakes when applying the skills and show a solid understanding of the content covered (but not extensive).
  • Exceeding: Students demonstrate complete competency with the required skills. They are now applying them and testing them in numerous situations and contexts. They are showing a flair beyond simply knowing, understanding, applying and are now going beyond expectations. Knowledge will be detailed and be beyond what is required to simply understand a topic.

The Flightpaths