Admissions for September 2024

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Applications for Admission in September 2024

The deadline for applications for admissions in September 2024 is the 31st October 2023 (online portal closes). Applications must be made using the E Admissions system supplied by the local education authority in which you live.

National Offer Day is 1st March 2024

Secondary online outcomes published on Pan London Eadmissions portal and will be available during the evening of 1st March .

Woodcote High School receives an unprecedented number of applications for Year 7 students which is well in excess of our published admission number.

On 1st  March 2024

If you were offered a place at Woodcote High School:

Congratulations! Please accept the offer through the online Eadmissions portal that the application was made on.

A welcome email from the school will be sent out by early March 2024 which will ask for a further confirmation email to go directly to the school.  The school email will also outline the time frame for what you need to do between now and September 2024.  It is important that you do ensure that you send in your acceptance by the date indicated on the letter, otherwise you may lose your place at Woodcote High School.

If you were not offered a place at Woodcote High School:

We hope you are happy with the school that you have been offered.

Waiting lists will not be available until after 15th April 2024.

No queries concerning the waiting list can be dealt with either by Croydon Council or the school until after this date. Please email for waiting list information.

If you wish to appeal the decision not to offer a place at Woodcote High School, please see information HERE on how to submit an appeal. The appeal form can be found by downloading the document HERE

The form must be submitted direct to the school between 22nd April 2024 and 26th April 2024.  Appeals will be held in the Town Hall, Croydon during June 2024. Once your appeal has been submitted you will be informed of the exact date and time.

Please see the Croydon schools admissions website for appeals information – here.